Student Support
Resident Director and Support Staff

Spanish Studies Abroad has over 45 years of experience in education abroad, guiding students through the culture, and providing the necessary support to make your intercultural integration rewarding.

All Spanish Studies Abroad programs use the guidance of a Resident Director as an essential element to the successful transition of a student abroad. Our onsite support staff is the key to your success abroad.

Resident Directors, Assistant Resident Directors, Student Services personnel, and Program Interns are available to help as you gain confidence living in the local culture. Our Resident Directors play a vital role in helping you adapt to, enjoy, and make the most of your study abroad experience. Your RD is the go-to person in your new city, your guardian and guide. Available 24/7 and dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience possible, your RD will help you in multiple ways: giving advice on academic matters and school related issues, organizing and leading you on study visits, lending a sympathetic ear, or helping you with technical challenges such as new phone systems or accessing funds.


Spanish Studies Abroad will ensure that your registration process is as seamless and simple as registering at home, providing course descriptions and syllabi, working to make sure you have a seat in your desired class. Whether you are enrolling at Universidad de La Habana, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, or any other of our partner institutions, our staff abroad will simplify registration.


Spanish Studies Abroad issues transcripts detailing course numbers, titles, number of hours, and grades for all coursework undertaken on a Spanish Studies Abroad program. Grades and credits are reported according to the semester-hour system. Students completing coursework at a local university receive an official transcript from the host university, along with a translation into the U.S. credit and grading system. The Spanish Studies Abroad school of record is Heidelberg University (Ohio).

Student Support in Study Abroad