Our Approach
All Spanish Studies Abroad Programs follow the Immersion Model, which focuses upon three important tenets of our philosophy:
  • Cultural Guidance
  • Direct Immersion
  • Enhanced Immersion

Cultural Guidance: We believe that striving to gain a sophisticated understanding of the culture is an essential part of studying abroad. Through the Spanish Studies Abroad-designed cross-cultural reflection course, intense language preparation, and the strong presence of the Resident Director, students have the resources and educational structure to ask questions about the cultural realities and thus reach a higher understanding.

Direct Immersion: The structure of all Spanish Studies Abroad programs are specifically-designed to immerse students in direct interaction with the local culture. Through classes with native professors, cultural excursions, local speaking partners, and homestays, all students find themselves immersed while going through their daily routine.

Enhanced Immersion: Spanish Studies Abroad strongly encourages students to enhance their immersion experience through additional immersion options. These include enrolling in a more advanced program by taking courses alongside local students and participating in experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, service learning projects, volunteer work, and joining local clubs and organizations.

From this essential immersion model, Spanish Studies Abroad programs break down into these program models:  Independent Programming at the Center for Cross-Cultural Study in Seville, and Guided Direct Enrolment at local universities. All models reflect a commitment to the individual student's academic needs and cultural experience, while providing a broad range of courses.

Independent Programming

Spanish Studies Abroad's Center for Cross-Cultural Study has been an independent educational institution in Seville since 1969. The Spanish Studies program in Seville, Spain, continues to follow this tradition. Students benefit from:

  • Student-centered curriculum in a wide range of disciplines, specially designed by Spanish Studies Abroad professors
  • Flexibility to adjust curriculum continuously in response to evolving student and institutional needs
  • One-on-one interaction and direct attention from dedicated professors
  • Faculty office hours
  • Interaction with sevillanos through local speaking partners, internships, and monthly fiestas with Spanish students
  • On-site resident director, housing coordinator, computer technician and activities coordinator
  • Our Center's long history of teaching Spanish studies and its many memberships and certifications of quality
Guided Direct Enrollment

The integrated programs in Seville, Spain, Alicante, Spain, Barcelona, Spain, and Córdoba, Argentina, and follow the Guided Direct Enrollment model. In these programs, Spanish Studies Abroad works in cooperation with local host institutions to provide students with all of the advantages of direct enrollment, while providing additional support to further the individual student's academic and cultural development. Students benefit from:

  • Wide range of host-institution courses
  • Access to resources and facilities of host institution
  • Daily interaction with local students
  • Spanish Studies Abroad-designed/approved culture courses and activities
  • On-site resident director and support staff
  • Cooperative relationship between our resident director and host institution
  • Individual academic counseling and support
  • Support in easing cultural transitions