Internship or Service Learning Course Option

Students at the advanced Spanish level may undertake an internship or service learning project for 3-4 credits as part of their regular Spanish Studies Abroad semester program. The internship or service learning is treated as a course, in addition to the student's regular course schedule. Also available during summer programs in Córdoba and San Juan.

As an intern or service learning participant, you will be evaluated by the Resident Director and your supervisor in the workplace. Additionally, a written report is required of you at the end of the period. Your home college or academic advisor may establish additional criteria for evaluation, grading, and granting of credit.

Due to complex labor laws and because internships are not completely within the control of Spanish Studies Abroad, even accepted applications for internships and service learning projects cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, as a potential intern/participant, you are advised to select an alternative course or an Independent Research Project in the event that a proposed internship/service learning fails to materialize. Please note that all internships are unpaid.


When applying for an internship or service learning, you have the benefit of specifying what you would like your placement to look like, and we will strive to match you with the best available option. Students have completed internships and service learning projects in a variety of fields including legal offices, Greenpeace, television production, and education.

Some fields you may want to think of when applying:

  • Animal Science / Horses
  • Communications
  • Education*
  • Health Services
  • International Business
  • Information Technology / Graphic Design
  • Museums and Cultural Centers / Fine Art
  • Physical Therapy
  • Political Science
  • Public Relations
  • Social Work
  • Tourism


  • Enrollment for either a semester or the full Academic Year in Seville, Alicante, Córdoba, or San Juan, or enrollment for the Summer Term in Córdoba or San Juan.
  • Ability to understand normal, rapid Spanish. Completion of a minimum of one Spanish course at the advanced level.
  • Academic or experiential preparation in the field.
  • Submit an additional application for the Internship or Service Learning Course Option, which requires approval by your home institution, a resume in English, and an essay written in Spanish. Further instructions in your online application portal.


  • Fall Semester: June 1st 
  • Spring Semester: December 1st 
  • Summer Term: May 1st 

*During the second Summer Term in Seville, Spanish Studies offers a special internship for students interested in education called Practicum in Education. Students enrolled in this program work as Teacher’s Assistants in the Center's Playschool program for Spanish children aged 4 to 12. In addition to receiving formal instruction in English, the children learn about the U.S. culture through arts & crafts, technology, games and theme week activities. Teacher’s Assistants combine the study of language-acquisition theory with teaching methodology while developing important cultural perspectives on the field of education.