Intern Abroad

A great study abroad experience involves more than excellent professors and fascinating classes. To fully draw you into the everyday life and culture of your host city, Spanish Studies Abroad offers many opportunities for deeper cross-cultural immersion.

  • Internships: gain international work experience while studying abroad. Guidance from the Resident Director and internship supervisor helps you to navigate the local work culture.
  • Service Learning: give back to your host community by helping a local community service organization. Guided reflection and support from our staff help you to better integrate and contribute meaningfully to your host organization.
  • Living The Culture: these special courses and workshops allow students to experience the culture first-hand while also earning credit. These courses can carry up to 3 credits and include Flamenco guitar, Spanish cooking, dance, paddleboarding, and more. You may arrange participation in these courses once you arrive in country.
  • Independent Research Project: all Spanish Studies students have the unique opportunity to combine your academic curiosity and direct access to Spanish and Argentine culture by completing an Independent Research Project (IRP). This personalized and flexible research program allows you to propose, design, and complete a research project that meets the specific requirements of your home college or university.
  • Summer Practicum in Education: offered during Summer Term 2, this special program allows students to combine theoretical study with hands-on experience as Teacher Assistants in the Center’s Playschool for Spanish children.