For programs in Spain, Argentina, and Cuba

One of the best ways to integrate into your program's city and culture is through our practice of homestays. This allows you to actually live with a local family, to sit with them at dinner, to speak Spanish regularly outside the classroom setting and truly learn what it feels like to be a member of the community.

Our Housing Coordinator chooses housing placements very carefully. Most of the families who host Spanish Studies Abroad students have been working with us for years and come with the highest recommendations from former students.

Your señora will give you a set of keys to your house, so you will be able to go out and experience life abroad on your own schedule. With that comes the responsibility of keeping your family informed of your plans; let them know if you will be home late or if you plan to miss a meal.

Many students report back that their host family was one of the most wonderful and enriching part of their study abroad experience, and stay in touch with their host mothers for years after they return to the US. If you are excited about truly immersing yourself in the local culture, this is hands down the very best way to do so.

From the day I walked into the door of my home stay I felt at home and I felt as if my host mom was just a Spanish version of my actual mother. My host mom, Loli, was an amazing woman and we got along extremely well. She would help me when I had problems, she listened to me, she advised me, she cared for me, and even helped me when I got sick. I look up to my host mom as a role model, and find her to be an incredible woman with many talents. Her family is a beautiful family that is also compassionate and caring, and we would spend a lot of time together. I miss them all so much and actually continue to E-mail Loli on a weekly basis. We established a wonderful relationship and look forward to returning to Seville in June to see her, my partner and other friends.

- Michael Farkas, Seville, Spain