Handbooks & Guides

The following Handbooks & Guides will help you prepare for your transition abroad.

2019-2020 Spanish Studies Abroad Bulletin

Here you can download a copy of our 2019-2020 Bulletin.

Student Handbooks

The Student Handbooks have been developed by Spanish Studies Abroad staff and alumni, and is required reading for all students. The handbooks are country specific and aim to provide you with necessary information before, during and even after your transition abroad. You will find that it covers most of your questions and concerns: how to prepare for your journey, what to expect abroad, and how to manage returning home. Click on the location you want to view the PDF for.


Cultural Guides

The Cultural Resources Guides have been developed for both students and family members who plan to visit while abroad, and expand on the information included in the Student Handbooks. They include travel tips and general cultural information, as well as other information already included in the Student Handbook. Click on the location you want to view the PDF file for.