Graduate Credit Options

Spanish Studies Abroad offers graduate credit for a limited number of content courses taught during the short term intensive programs at our Center in Seville:

Summer 8-Week Internship Program in Seville, Spain

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Graduate students may earn graduate-level credit for a summer internship. Spanish Studies Abroad may accommodate students interested in completing an 8-week internship according to the summer-format, during other times of the year. Interested students must apply for these programs 10 weeks in advanced of their expected arrival date.

Summer Terms 1 & 2 in Seville, Spain

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Graduate credit may be earned for the following summer courses:

  • SPAN 312S: Foundations of Spanish Culture
  • SPAN 336S: Spain and the European Union
  • SPAN 360S: 20th Century Spanish Theater
  • SPAN 380S: Mosaic: Jews, Muslims, and the Spanish Experience
  • ARHI 386S: Al-Andalus: Art & Culture of Muslim Spain
  • EDML 394S: The Psychology of Learning a Second Language
  • SPAN 425S: Women Writers of Spain
  • EDML 400S: Practicum in Education
  • EDML 492S: Culture in the Classroom: Seminar for Teachers of Spanish
January Term in Seville, Spain

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Graduate credit may be earned for the following winter course: SPAN 312J: Foundations of Spanish Culture

Graduate Credit Requirements

In order to receive the stipulation “Graduate Credit” on a transcript, students must:

  • be currently pursuing a graduate degree or certification program
  • complete all coursework at a distinguished level
  • submit an additional research paper of 15-20 pages, written in Spanish, with a bibliography on a topic selected in consultation with the professor of the course

There is an additional fee of US$60.00 per credit, to be paid to Spanish Studies Abroad by the final payment deadline.

Interested students are invited to contact our U.S. office at or (413) 256-0011.