FAQ: Prospective Students
What is Spanish Studies Abroad?

Spanish Studies Abroad is an educational organization dedicated to promoting in-depth understanding of Spanish-speaking countries for our students, through specifically designed and academically rigorous university-level study abroad and cultural travel programs. Spanish Studies Abroad has academic university-level programs

  • Seville, Spain
  • Alicante, Spain
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Córdoba, Argentina
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Havana, Cuba

For program and course information, click on "Our Programs" in the left menu and read about our programs by country or using the Program Finder.

Why Spanish Studies Abroad?

At Spanish Studies Abroad, we anchor our programs in academic excellence and cultural authenticity, with a strong focus on Spanish-language acquisition. We offer two program models, designed to fit almost any student's academic needs while studying abroad. In all our programs, we offer a broad curriculum over many disciplines. We also offer professional development courses in various fields including education, business, and health care..

Students who study abroad with Spanish Studies also benefit from a higher level of support throughout the study abroad process, including: application and pre-departure support, on-site Resident Directors and support staff, and individual assistance with academic, homestay, and cultural adjustment.

When are the program dates and application deadlines?

You can find the most up-to-date information on Spanish Studies Abroad program dates and application deadlines in the "Dates & Costs" tab for each program.

What type of funding is available for study abroad? Does Spanish Studies Abroad offer scholarships?

There are many scholarships and grants available to students who wish to study abroad. Check with your Study Abroad Office or your adviser to see what resources are available to you. All prospective students applying to a Spanish Studies program are eligible to apply for a Spanish Studies Merit-Based or Diversity Scholarship. Please see the Scholarships page in the How to Apply section for more information.

Who can apply to study abroad with Spanish Studies Abroad?

Our programs are designed for students who will apply the credit earned in Spain, Argentina, or Cuba towards a degree in an American or Canadian college or university. Short-term courses in Seville are especially open to a wide variety of students, and several summer courses can be applied towards graduate credit. Contact Spanish Studies Abroad at info[at]spanishstudies.org or 413-256-0011 if you have any questions about which program is right for you.

Can high school students attend Spanish Studies Abroad programs?

Yes. While our programs are generally designed for students who are currently enrolled in a college or university and are seeking to obtain undergraduate credit, high school students may also attend our programs, as long as they meet admission requirements/pre-requisites. A student should be at least 16 years of age to enroll in a Spanish Studies Abroad program independently. For more information, please see Academic Opportunities for High School Students.

Are there Spanish Studies Abroad programs designed for graduate students? Can credit I receive studying abroad be used for graduate credits?

In order to receive the stipulation “Graduate Credit” on the Spanish Studies transcript, students must be currently enrolled in a graduate program, which must approve the transfer of graduate credit. Students must complete all coursework at a distinguished level, and submit a research paper of 12-20 pages on a topic selected in consultation with the professor of the course. There is an additional fee of $60 per credit, to be paid to the U.S. office of Spanish Studies Abroad by the final payment deadline. The request for graduate credit must be received and approved in the U.S. office of Spanish Studies Abroad before the student attends the program. Graduate credit is available ONLY during our Seville Summer Program for specific courses annotated on the summer course list.

Can I study in Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico or Spain if I am not a student?

Yes. In addition to our broad curriculum, we have several Professional Development courses, which may be of special interest to professionals looking to develop their Spanish and intercultural skills. While our programs are generally designed for students who are currently enrolled in a college or university and are seeking to obtain undergraduate credit, non-students do attend our programs. For those who are not currently students, but wish to gain transferable credit for their studies abroad, the option to do so is available through one of our affiliated degree-granting institutions.

I haven’t taken Spanish since high school; can I still apply?

Yes. Spanish Studies Abroad will need to receive a copy of your high school transcript and AP Spanish scores (if applicable) in addition to the other required application documents. You will also need to find an academic contact who can assess your current Spanish language skills and complete the Spanish Language Evaluation Form for you . The combination of your goals essay, Spanish Language Evaluation, high school transcript, and AP Spanish scores will help Spanish Studies Abroad assess your current Spanish level.

What are the prerequisites to attend a Spanish Studies Abroad program?

In reflection of Spanish Studies’s dedication to academic excellence, we require that students have a minimum 3.0 GPA in Spanish coursework. Other pre-requisites (i.e previous coursework, required credits) differ according to each program and course level to which you are applying.

If my Spanish GPA is lower than the requirement, can I still apply?

Yes. It is worth keeping in mind that other portions of the application are taken into consideration when reviewing an application for acceptance, so a Spanish GPA slightly below a 3.0 does not exclude you from consideration.

If you are concerned about your grades and/or GPA, it may be advisable to have a teacher write a specific recommendation regarding your academic promise. It is also helpful to send an email or include a paragraph in your Goals Essay with an explanation of your lower grades.

Will I need a passport or a visa to attend a Spanish Studies Abroad program?

To travel abroad, you need a passport valid for six months after your program end date. If you do not have a valid passport, you must apply for one immediately. It can take up to eight weeks to receive your passport, so apply for it right away. If the start of your program is less than 90 days away, you will have to pay for expedited service.

If you are abroad for more than three months, you are REQUIRED by Spanish and Argentine law to obtain a student visa. Semester and Academic Year students are required to obtain a student visa; January and Summer Term students do not need a visa. Make sure that you follow the visa instructions from Spanish Studies Abroad and your local consulate carefully.

I want to do an internship. Are there any offered?

Yes. Spanish Studies Abroad offers a limited number of opportunities to undertake a combined internship and study program. This option provides you with an excellent opportunity to take advantage of your stay by accepting a unique learning challenge. You gain work experience and explore a particular field from the viewpoint of another culture. See Internships for details.