Spanish Studies Abroad has been sending students abroad since 1969, when the Guidera family established The Center for Cross-Cultural Study and sent the first group of students to Málaga, Spain. Since those humble beginnings we have grown and evolved so that we now send students abroad to six different programs at all times of the year. Yet despite that growth we have never lost sight of our basic, core mission: to make these programs as effective and educational as possible, and help our students experience authentic cultural immersion.

Toward that end, we have always listened to our students and incorporated their feedback into the development and refinement of our programs. When you return from your program abroad, you will receive a detailed questionaire asking you to rate everything from your classes to your residences, from your ease of application to how friendly and available our staff onsite was.

Why? We want our programs to be engaging, dynamic, and responsive to our student's needs. As a result of this ongoing evaluation, we have continued to improve our programs, and routinely receive excellent reviews on sites such as Abroad101 and GoAbroad. We encourage you to read these reviews, and know that as an organization we are open to your voice, and to constantly striving to provide the very best educational and immersive experience possible.