Financial Aid Deferment Form
Who Needs This Form

If you are going to receive financial aid after the payment deadline for your program at Spanish Studies Abroad, then you need to submit this form along with a signed consortium agreement to your Admissions Advisor. This form allows Spanish Studies to defer a portion of your program's cost until your financial aid is processed and disbursed. Click on the button below, and then right click on the form to save it to your computer.


Imagine you are going on the Barcelona Summer 2017 program which costs $5,000 and whose payment deadline is March 15th. You are receiving $2,000 in scholarship funds, but these funds will only be disbursed to you on June 15th.

You would make a payment to Spanish Studies of $3,000 by the March 15th deadline, AND submit a Financial Aid Deferment Form letting us know when and how you will be receiving your $2,000 scholarship money.

This would allow you to go abroad without paying the full tuition by the final payment due date, while still holding you responsible for paying your financial aid amount when it is disbursed to you.