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Spanish Studies Abroad took what was just a vague dream at our university -- a winter program in Cuba -- and made it happen.

- Dr. Jack Lule, Professor & Chair of Journalism and Communication, Lehigh University
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Since 1969

Spanish Studies Abroad has been dedicated to the immersion and globalization of students since 1969. The first programs took place in southern Spain, when the organization was officially known as "Study in Spain, Inc."; in 1971 we settled in Seville, Spain. Later, we adopted the name "The Center for Cross-Cultural Study", more in accordance with our mission and beliefs.  In 1996, program offerings were expanded to Havana, Cuba, and then Alicante and Barcelona, Spain; Córdoba, Argentina; and San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the current "Spanish Studies Abroad" was adopted.

Spanish Studies has focused on providing the most enriching study abroad experiences for US students, helping them cross cultural boundaries as they learn the language. By focusing on Spanish speaking countries we have been able to develop and cultivate our programs to allow students to maximize their cultural and linguistic experience abroad.

Enhance Your Curriculum, Cross Cultural Boundaries 

Use our experience to enhance your curriculum. Our unique skill set has been applied by universities and high schools to create customized programs that facilitate student engagement while providing an enriching experience. Our staff works with you to design programs that meet your specific study abroad goals and objectives. Browse our sample programs here.  

Our Locations
  • Spain: Seville, Alicante, Barcelona
  • Argentina: Córdoba
  • Puerto Rico: San Juan
  • Cuba: Havana