Cultural Integration

All our programs share a common goal: for you to gain a better understanding of the culture and language abroad. Cultural integration is achieved as you learn through experience. Spanish Studies Abroad has embedded experiential learning and reflection into all programs. Coursework, native professors, homestays, residences, cultural visits, volunteer opportunities, campus events, etc. help you move toward this goal.

Volunteer Opportunities

Spanish Studies Abroad students have the opportunity to participate in rewarding volunteer projects. These can be more flexible than a service learning project, though your commitment is still required. Through volunteer work, you experience a different facet of life abroad and become part of the local community. For more information, visit: Volunteer at SSA

Tutoring Local Students in English

Spanish Studies Abroad students have the option to participate in an English Tutoring Program to assist local students who are learning English. This is a great opportunity to both teach about American culture and learn about the local culture from a new perspective.

Speaking Partners

Spanish Studies Abroad provides a natural environment for Speaking Partners (intercambios)—conversational exchanges that encourage language practice and friendships between U.S. and local students. Each partnership is based on mutual interests and presents an opening to share cultural perspectives. Spanish Studies Abroad also promotes regular interaction of local and U.S. students by organizing social and cultural activities to enhance your experience abroad.

Access to Campus Events & Clubs

Through our partner universities, students get involved in university life. You have access to campus resources and activities at your local host institution. Your resident director will help you identify opportunities suitable to your specific interests.

Study Tours and Excursions

Programs feature all-inclusive faculty-led study visits complete with accommodations, meals and entrance fees. These trips are designed to enhance your class studies and are designed to expand your understanding of local history, art and culture.

Local Housing Options

Choose a homestay or a student residence. Either way, your home or residencia abroad will be the focal point of your social experience, where you will sleep, eat, study and relax. A homestay gives you unique insight into a foreign culture by allowing you to become part of a family while a residencia will allow you to live with your peers.