Academic Excellence

The mission of Spanish Studies Abroad is to promote our students’ in-depth understanding of Spanish-speaking countries through specifically designed and academically rigorous university-level and cultural travel programs. All of our students cross cultural boundaries to live as members of another culture and thus to learn about others as they learn about themselves.

Spanish Studies Abroad has provided unique learning experiences for students since 1969. As a pioneer in study abroad, Spanish Studies knows how to make your experience academically, culturally and personally rewarding. We are unique among study abroad programs in that we offer location-appropriate program models, each of which emphasizes cultural and linguistic immersion and a deeper understanding of the study abroad experience. With a strong dedication to academic integrity and cultural authenticity, Spanish Studies programs use the following tools to cultivate your cultural, linguistic and personal growth:

Intensive Language & Culture

All Spanish Studies Abroad semester programs require that you take at least one Spanish language course, and most semester programs start with an intensive Spanish Language and Culture course.

Guided Cross-Cultural Reflection

Spanish Studies Abroad programs are grounded in our philosophy of cross-cultural study. We encourage you to venture outside one cultural identity to find a comfortable place inside another. All Spanish Studies Abroad semester programs guide you through this exciting and sometimes challenging process by offering courses specially designed to help with your cultural adaptation.

Spanish-Only Policy

The Spanish-Only Policy is a tool that promotes cultural integration and reflects the commitment you make while immersing yourself in the new culture. This commitment allows you to gain a profound awareness of the local culture and to experience a greater feeling of engagement.